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Rain, rain, and more rain. Eventually, signs that your roof has become damaged may show up — usually starting with a damp spot on a ceiling. Unfortunately, too many business owners hesitate to take action after this early warning. Without immediate repair, the damp spot expands, and penetrates the ceiling. You may notice small drips occurring during periods of rain. If you've waited this long, rot, mold and mildew may have infested your sub-roofing, and more extensive repairs will likely be needed.

Have your roof professionally inspected. A qualified roofing inspector will visually examine it for signs of damage.

Danny Boyle Jr.
Delta Innovative Services

Danny Boyle Jr.

Delta Innovative Services

 Heavy Rain & Roof Repair    
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During an unusual year for extreme weather (like we're currently experiencing), an "overflow" of commercial roof repairs stretches the ability of local contractors to service their customers. It becomes increasingly difficult for businesses to find a reliable roofing contractor. During these times, good roofing contractors quickly have a backlog of work. This forces businesses to choose between 1) waiting for up to several weeks for a reliable roofing contractor, or even worse 2) taking a gamble on a less reputable contractor.

Your roof is one of the most important investments you'll make for your business. Roofs protect the structure, the assets within the structure, and the people working inside. Maintaining your roof is critical to maintaining the integrity of your business. Unfortunately, in the Kansas City area, this job is more difficult than in many other parts of the country. Snow, ice, strong winds and heavy rain all contribute to the potential for a damaged roof.

With our climate, the need for roof repair in Kansas City is common.

 Safety Training 
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The National Safety Stand-Down raises awareness of preventing fall hazards in construction. Fatalities caused by falls from elevation continue to be a leading cause of death for construction workers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has published preliminary 2013 fatality data. Of 796 fatalities in construction, 294 were due to slips, trips and falls. Those deaths were preventable. Fall prevention safety standards were among the top 10 most frequently cited OSHA standards, during fiscal year 2014.

Delta Innovative Services seeks to lead the way in roofing safety. The goal of our safety program is to reduce injuries and maintain compliance with OSHA regulations. Tom Ruzicka, the Director of Safety, conducts regular construction site safety inspections. Delta Innovative Services, as part of the safety culture, uses many unique engineering techniques to provide fall protection to employees. A combination of personal fall arrest systems, guardrails, "raptors" (fall protection carts), and "skynets" are used to ensure employee safety from falls.

Delta employees completed an on-site fall safety and rescue-training program in May 2016, conducted by Sala Protecta. This program ensures that the issues discussed are immediately applicable to the students for proper OSHA fall protection training. Sala Protecta provided the equipment, experienced instructors and fall protection certification. The training was tailored to our staff and field crews.

 Community Events 
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The 34th Annual Mid-America Games were held on May 1-3, 2016 at Blue Valley North High School. Delta Innovative Services was proud to be a sponsor. Several of our employees also volunteered their time, helping to make this a positive event for all participants.

The Blue Valley School District again graciously agreed to have one of their premier high schools, Blue Valley North High School, host the 2016 competition. Blue Valley North High School is located in Overland Park, Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City, and its campus offers some of the finest facilities in the area for disabled athletic competition.

The annual games consist of track races, a variety of field events, slalom, bowling, archery and boccia.
Dates: May 1-3, 2016
Location: Blue Valley North High School
12200 Lamar Ave.
Overland Park, KS 66209
MID-AMERICA GAMES FOR THE DISABLED is a non-profit organization whose volunteer members are committed to providing competitive, modified athletic opportunities for athletes with physical disabilities and to promoting a positive image of all individuals with diverse needs and abilities.

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