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Have you discovered a problem with the roof on your commercial building? Take the necessary measures early, in order to avoid spending additional time and money. Act quickly, and you'll prevent extensive damage.

Always hire the “right company” to install or repair your roof. At Delta Innovative Services, we'll work with you to choose a roofing system that is appropriate for your roofing project. And we're willing to work at a time that's convenient for you. If you don't want roofers to get in your way (and interrupt the operations that take place inside your commercial property), choose a company like Delta — one that is willing to work when you want the work is done.

Danny Boyle Jr.
Delta Innovative Services

Danny Boyle Jr.

Delta Innovative Services

Wyandotte High School
 Emergency ~ West Middle School   
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"Danny, I want to take a moment to send my thanks to you and your crews, for the outstanding work they did for USD 500 on West Middle School gym roof! I was impressed by the coordination of BJ on this job! Every man was doing something at all times. Saturday was proof of Delta being a quality-roofing contractor! Once again it was a pleasure to work with you and your men. BJ was spot on with his time management of employees and took care of any small issues I may have had. He is a true asset to Delta Innovative Services."

"Thank you again!"

Mike Johnson, General Mechanic Foreman
West Middle School

It's truly a testament to the dedication of the entire Delta Innovative Services team, when you realize that this emergency occurred at 2:00 AM on Friday, and we had a roof back on Saturday.


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Always plan for every step of your project (including clean up), before signing the contract. Make sure your roofing company is willing to clear all the mess, after they complete the project. Left over debris, scattered around your commercial property, is not good for your business image.

If you need roof replacement, make sure the roofers are able to explain to you (in detail), the type of commercial roof that is best suited for your building. Perform some basic research on the types of roofing used in commercial properties.

Factors to consider when choosing a replacement roof include: the type of roof; cost; climate conditions of the area; and the slope of the roof. Take your time to learn the advantages and disadvantages of different roofing systems. Ask your roofing contractor to advise you on the right type of roof for your property.

While it is important to save on costs, you always want to choose a high quality roofing system. Most property owners assume that they are saving money when choosing a roofing system that is less expensive. Unfortunately, these "inexpensive" roofing solutions are prone to failure, and will require costly repairs in the near future.

Always ensure that repairs are performed by licensed and insured roofers. No matter what type of commercial roof you plan to invest in, it should be installed by trained professionals. Roofing work that is done by unqualified laborers will usually require investing additional time and money on re-roofing, usually within a short period of time.

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Roof Assessment: Platte High School

Do you need a professional roofer to investigate your roof? Here's a video we shot of a recent roof assessment at Platte High School. It will give you a better understanding of our thorough process.

Re-Roof: Raytown Middle School

Raytown Middle School Re-Roof. In-Progress, Flying Robot Camera, Safety Inspection. Raytown, Missouri.

Wall Panels: Liberty North High School

DB2 Sheet Metal Services. Liberty North High School Wall Panels.

Re-Roof: Foreign Language Academy

Re-roofing the Foreign Language Academy. Kansas City Public School District. 3450 Warwick Blvd. Kansas City, Missouri 64111. In-Progress Roof Installation. This is an example of the use of a "White Cap' as the final layer of the BUR. The resulting cap sheet provides greater light reflectivity and lower heat emissivity, reducing energy consumption and electrical demand during hot summer months.

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