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Is the roofer you're considering qualified to do your job?

For the longest time, the roofing community has been plagued with marginally qualified installers popping up each year. This creates issues for owners and architects. More and more roofs fail prematurely, due to the lack of experience of these installers. Cutting corners and hiding defects will eventually cause major issues.

At Delta Innovative Services, we have the qualifications and experience to get the job done right the first time.

Danny Boyle Jr.
Delta Innovative Services

Danny Boyle Jr.

Delta Innovative Services

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The circumstances where a roof fails — due to the lack of experience of the installer — typically occur when an architect writes a specification and states the following under installer qualification:

  • A qualified firm that is approved, authorized, or licensed by the roofing system manufacturer to install manufacturers product.
  • Installer is eligible to receive manufacturers special warranty.
  • Installer must have a minimum of three (3) years experience installing the roof system specified.
  • The Job Site Superintendent must have a minimum of 5 years experience in roofing.
Based upon this requirement alone, there could be dozens of contractors bidding the project. There is nothing to verify that the installer is proficient and well-trained in installing a commercial flat roof.

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With a few slight revisions, we can see a major difference in what type of contractor will be able to bid the work.

Installers specializing in performing the work should be required to demonstrate:

  • A minimum 10 years documented experience with this type of roofing technology.
  • Approval as a Master-Select or approved equal for the manufacturer of roofing they are bidding.
  • Installer must be based within 100 miles of job location, unless otherwise noted.
  • Installer must be able to furnish a minimum of 5 inspection reports from projects of equivalent size, scope, and technology. Inspection report must put workmanship in the 90th percentile.
  • Installer must perform a yearly average of 1500 squares of documented No Dollar Limit (NDL) warranted work, with an average inspection rating in the 90th percentile.

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Why is your company successful?

It is more than just a bid sheet with a profit calculated to the bottom line!

Sending your guys out to repair the roof on schedule. Waiting to see if the weather would be a factor and carefully repairing the roof with expertise makes a company successful with longevity coming from reputation and referrals.

You guys are good and all should be proud to drive around in trucks with green clovers on the side even when some of you are not even Irish!

Thanks for a professional job.

Jim Welter
Tonganoxie, KS


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