At the start of February 2020 Delta Innovative Services and DB2 Services moved in to their new home located at the interchange of Kansas Ave and I-635. The building’s former occupants and owner vacated the property in late summer and that’s when the rehab of the building began. The building was completely gutted and rebuilt from the inside out. New HVAC equipment, improved building insulation, and LED lights were added to make the building more efficient. The roof was redone using various roofing technologies including single ply, modified bitumen, and built-up and gravel. The building also has over 100 new skylights in the warehouse and office space.

Delta’s new home boasts 20,000 feet of office space and 65,000 feet of condition warehouse and manufacturing space.

As a part of the rehabilitation of the building the entire roof was redone utilizing various roofing technologies.

Delta’s former building was located about 2 miles to the east on Kansas Ave. The former shop was 15,000 square feet which housed a warehouse and the corporate office sitting on 3.75 acres. Similarly, the new facility boasts an 85,000 square foot site split between office space, manufacturing, and warehouse space sitting on 10+ acres of paved land. The new headquarters has an event space to hold over 100 people for educational sessions and corporate events.

The former home of Delta Innovative Services Inc

In upcoming blog posts you will see the outside of the building transform with custom manufactured ACM panels added to make the new Delta headquarters the most unmistakable building in the state of Kansas. The panels are being made in house using DB2 Services’ new CNC machine to manufacture to exact specification. Check back soon and often for update.

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