Protect Your Investment with WeCare
Commercial Roof Maintenance in Kansas City

Delta Innovative Services provides a commercial roof maintenance plan to help you extend the life of your building’s roof. We bring over 250 years of experience and commercial roof maintenance services to Kansas City so you can extend the life of your building’s roof and save money over the years. That’s why we offer our WeCare Maintenance Program on all roofing systems, including asphalt, metal, Bitumen, BUR, TPO/PVC, EPDM and composite roofs. Our commercial roof maintenance company offers flexibility and reduces the risk of costly leaks.

WeCare Commercial
Roof Maintenance Plan

Proactive Roofing Services


  • Evaluations & inspections
  • Detailed reports with photo documentation
  • Roof life cycle budgeting
  • 24hr service portal
  • Quality repairs
  • Pricing for all items identified for service & critical repairs

Custom Options for Your Needs


  • Bi-Annual or Annual Inspection per agreement
  • Preventive maintenance repairs on agreement hours
  • Maintenance program and work credit toward full roof replacement
  • Fixed fee or sq. ft. pricing options
  • Emergency on-call capabilities
  • Client portal managing costs & actions

Benefits to Owner


  • Reduce roof expenditures by up to 40%
  • Extend roof life 4-8 years
  • Reduce costly interruptions and damage to the building.
  • Preserve the roof warranty.
  • Reduces delays in reactive repairs by giving you control over the service schedule.

About Commercial Roof
Maintenance Services in Kansas City

Think of commercial roofing maintenance like an oil change service (only without the vehicle and oil). You know it needs to be done to keep your vehicle in optimal running condition. Maintenance for your building’s commercial roof is similar. If you keep it maintained, you can extend the roof’s lifetime and often catch issues that lead to leaks before they become overly expensive to repair.

The cost and details of each WeCare Program is based on several factors, including:

  • Roof size
  • The age of your building’s roof
  • The system and type of roof
  • The site conditions
  • We’ll come out to look at your building’s roof and create a personalized program and estimate for commercial roof maintenance services Kansas City.


Our inspections check for all areas of defect and points of deterioration. We also check for compromised roof accessories and assemblies. Once we complete the inspection, we’ll make recommendations for necessary repairs, including leak repairs and any updates that you need to remain OSHA compliant. If we need to do additional work, we’ll work with you to schedule repairs.

We will always provide a detailed forecast and budget for roofing maintenance. You have access to a custom client portal to track roof costs and document warranty compliance – we document all of our service work.

An Oil Change
For Your Building

We all understand the importance of preventive maintenance for the cars we drive; don’t change the oil and you’ll end up buying a new engine. The same is true for your building.

The cost/detail of each WeCare Program is unique to a roof’s size, age, system type, and site conditions. Roof manufacturers will require inspections bi-annually while your roof is under warranty. We recommend a visit at least once a year during the first 7 years and then bi-annually thereafter.

We will custom design a program perfect for you.

Delta WeCare Plus
Roof Maintenance Program

  • Bi-annual Roof Repairs and Maintenance Service for one fixed fee.

    Two man crew will detect and repair failing/deteriorated roof elements, once in the Spring and once in the Fall.

  • Each service includes up to 8 man hours and materials necessary to repair current leaks and prevent future ones.
  • Detailed Roof Analysis & Service Tracking.
    Your roof is inspected by a Delta building engineer who provides a detailed forcast and budget. A custom client portal is provided to track roof costs and document warranty compliance. All service work is documented

Not sure if you have a warranty
or what it covers? We can help!!

7 Point
Repair and


Secure drain bolts, clear debris

Coping / Counterflashing

Secure joints and fasteners


Pipes (VTR’s), service lines and
structural penetrations are
sealed as needed


Voids at curbs and vertical wall
flashing are noted and
repaired as needed


Voids at field laps are serviced as needed


Remove debris that affects drainage
or may damage roof surface

Mechanical Damage

Repair damage from
foreign objects

Delta WeCare Plus
Roof Maintenance Program

Our Delta WeCare Plus Roof Maintenance Program includes a bi-annual commercial roof maintenance services for one fixed fee. A two-person crew will inspect your roof to locate issues and potential problems in the spring and fall.

Each service includes up to eight hours and the materials necessary to repair current leaks and prevent future leaks. We provide you with a detailed roof analysis and service tracking.

Your Regular
Roof Inspection: What to Expect

A commercial roof inspection identifies potential issues and ensures roof integrity and longevity. When we inspect your business’s roof, here is what happens:


  • Review of available roof plans, maintenance records, existing inspection reports and warranty documents
  • Check the perimeter of the building for visible signs of damage, including water stains, cracks in the wall or vegetation growth
  • Examine access points, including hatches, ladders and doors
  • Check for punctures, blisters, cracks and, on flat roofs, areas of ponding water
  • Check the condition of the membrane on flat or low-slope roofs
  • Identify dirt, debris and organic growth that could impede drainage or damage the surface of the roof
  • Check flashing, expansion joints and the roof deck
  • Check gutters and downspouts
  • Check scuppers and drains
  • Check insulation where applicable
  • Look for signs of leaks and water damage on interior walls and ceilings
  • Evaluate any equipment mounted on the roof, such as satellite dishes and HVAC units
  • Take detailed photos of issues and potential problems
  • Create a detailed report outlining the condition of the roof and any issues.
  • Recommend repairs as applicable
  • Discuss commercial roof maintenance services
  • Provide a cost estimate for repairs (and maintenance plan)

Reduce Costly

  • Damage to the bulding
  • Interruptions to operations
  • Hazards in the work place


Roof warranties REQUIRE a maintenance program.
We-Care programs preserve the value of of your existing warranty.

What Our Clients Says

I’ve had many opportunities to work with Delta Innovative Services, on projects ranging from small repairs, to full roof replacements, to new construction roofing projects. Each one has been handled professionally and with our combined best interest in mind. They have the resources and expertise to handle our needs.
Kansas City Public SchoolsForeman
It is obvious that Delta Innovative Services is highly committed to its Safety Training. They have ensured that their estimators and workers receive proper training which matches CertainTeed’s strict requirements.
CertainTeed CorporationEnvironmental/Facilities Manager
I would recommend Delta Innovative Services for any project. Over the past fifteen years I have worked with Delta on a number of projects. I have found them to be reliable, responsive, competitive, fair, and quality-oriented. They have proven to be able to perform on large scope and smaller projects.
2Point Construction
Delta Innovative Services has been an excellent partner, especially in the area of customer service and roof construction. Their leadership and management skills have been an added benefit to our organization. They truly understand what it takes to maintain a successful relationship with their customers, by providing quality workmanship, and respecting our commitment to excellence.
McCownGordon Construction— Senior Project Manager
Your crew performed admirably, even on days when the weather was marginal. The work was completed within the scheduled timeframe, and the quality of work is excellent. Norton & Schmidt Consulting Engineers and the Kansas City School District are extremely satisfied with the project.
Norton & SchmidtProject Manager


What maintenance should be done on a roof?

Regular inspections, cleaning, minor repairs, membrane patching, clearing drainage systems, vegetation control and removal, and other preventative measures are all part of commercial roofing maintenance in Kansas City.

How often should a commercial roof be cleaned?

As part of our maintenance plans, we clean your roof of debris and vegetation bi-annually.

What are the benefits of having a roofing maintenance contract?

Having a roofing maintenance contract offers many benefits, including extending the life of your roof and finding issues before they become large problems. A maintenance contract also helps avoid unplanned repairs and gives you the knowledge and understanding of the condition of your roof. Additionally, knowing that your roof is backed by a partner who cares provides invaluable peace of mind.

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