We Care
Roofing Maintenance

At Delta, we are not going to try to sell you a brand-new roof if you don’t need it. Our goal is to make your roof last as long as possible.

That’s why we offer our We Care Maintenance Programs on all roofing systems from Asphaltic to Single-ply to Metal. Our We Care Programs are designed in levels to give the client the most flexibility to meet the level of service they need.

We Care Basis


  • Bi-Annual or Annual Inspection per agreement
  • Removal & disposal of minor debris (large debris will be reported)
  • Detailed report with photos
  • Pricing for all items identified for service
  • Access to Client Portal
  • 24-hour reporting available

We Care Plus


  • Bi-Annual or Annual Inspection per agreement
  • Detailed report with photos
  • 24-hour reporting
  • Expedited WO response time
  • Preventative maintenance repairs based on agreement hours
  • Removal & disposal of minor debris (large debris will be reported)
  • Pricing for PM repairs that exceed allowance hours.
  • Pricing for items identified as critical repairs required.

We Care Premium


  • All of the Above Items as listed in the WE CARE PLUS program are included. In addition, the PREMIUM program includes:
  • Up to 6 Additional Service Calls in 1 Year for 1 Fixed Fee
  • Conditions & limitations apply. Does not cover acts of God or negligence by owner or other trades.

An Oil Change
For Your Building

We all understand the importance of preventive maintenance for the cars we drive; don’t change the oil and you’ll end up buying a new engine. The same is true for your building.

The cost/detail of each We Care Program is unique to a roof’s size, age, system type, and site conditions. Roof manufacturers will require inspections bi-annually while your roof is under warranty. We recommend a visit at least once a year during the first 7 years and then bi-annually thereafter.

We will custom design a program perfect for you.

Delta We Care Plus
Roof Maintenance Program

  • Bi-annual Roof Repairs and Maintenance Service for one fixed fee.

    Two man crew will detect and repair failing/deteriorated roof elements, once in the Spring and once in the Fall.

  • Each service includes up to 8 man hours and materials necessary to repair current leaks and prevent future ones.
  • Detailed Roof Analysis & Service Tracking.
    Your roof is inspected by a Delta building engineer who provides a detailed forcast and budget. A custom client portal is provided to track roof costs and document warranty compliance. All service work is documented

Not sure if you have a warranty
or what it covers? We can help!!

7 Point
Repair and


Secure drain bolts, clear debris

Coping / Counterflashing

Secure joints and fasteners


Pipes (VTR’s), service lines and
structural penetrations are
sealed as needed


Voids at curbs and vertical wall
flashing are noted and
repaired as needed


Voids at field laps are serviced as needed


Remove debris that affects drainage
or may damage roof surface

Mechanical Damage

Repair damage from
foreign objects

Reduce Costly

  • Damage to the bulding
  • Interruptions to operations
  • Hazards in the work place


Roof warranties REQUIRE a maintenance program.
We-Care programs preserve the value of of your existing warranty.

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