Whether your roof is 1 year old or 25, proactive roof maintenance is a good investment in protecting and extending the life of your roof assets. Often time the question comes up from property and asset managers “What are the benefits of maintaining a roof proactively?”. There are 7 key points to this:

  • It is a requirement per the manufacturers roofing warranty. All manufacturers that offer labor and material warranties on installed roofs, also known as No-Dollar Limit warranties, state that the roof must be maintained as a condition of the warranty. If a failure of the roof is related to lack of maintenance that warranty claim would be denied by the manufacturer.
  • Maintained roofs last between 30%-70% longer than non-maintained. Just like a car if you maintain a roof over its lifespan it will last significantly longer than if you let nature take it’s course.
  • 70% of roofs are replaced prematurely due to lack of maintenance. What starts as a small issue can create big problems over time that will cause the roof to be completely replaced. This is common with issues associated with wind damage and water intrusion.

image2 1024x768 1 | Why Maintaining a Roof Proactively Will Save You Money

Clogged roof drains can lead to costly repairs

  • Reduce leak frequency and severity. When looking at roofs proactively issues are typically caught in their infancy which makes the repairs smaller in scale. Having a roof inspected bi-annually allows for a Delta roofing professional to analyze where issue may occur in the future based on the design of the roof.
  • Prevent trapped moisture and mold growth. Mold is a 4 letter word and leaks can create the perfect condition where mold growth can be accelerated. Trapped moisture also increases the likelihood of deck failure due to deterioration.
  • Defer capital expenses and gives you the ability to proactively budget. Discussing the lifespan of the roof and how to extend it through maintenance allows for property managers to properly budget for annual expenses. When the time comes to discuss replacement a Delta roofing professional can provide solutions that allow for long term capital planning instead of an emergency expense.
  • Keeps your tenants happy and dry. At the end of the day for a property manager a dry tenant is a happy tenant. No one wants to get the call that their tenant has damaged product or someone slipped and fell on a floor due to a roof leak. Maintaining a roof helps to ensure that leak risks are minimized for the tenant and the property manager.

Regardless of the size or age of your roof having a detailed and professional roofing inspection done by a Delta roofing professional is a great investment. Contact Delta Innovative Services today to discuss our WE Care preventative maintenance roofing plans and solutions. Call 913-371-7100 or email repair@deltaservices.flywheelsites.com.

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